4 Tips for Early Risers with Diabetes

early risers with diabetes

Diabetes can challenge anybody’s organizational skills. Add an early morning rush, and life goes from a house of cards to pick-up sticks. But for early risers with diabetes, being organized can improve your whole day. And we’re here to help.

Ahead of Time

  • Make a Morning Routine List—especially if you don’t tend to wake up fully conscious, make a checklist of your morning routine. List everything you need to do or check, like medications, diabetes self-care, morning hygiene, packing lunches, walking the dog, etc.
  • Make an Easy Meal List—you might want to make a list of easy-to-assemble breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. That way if it’s the last minute and you find yourself uninspired and unable to think outside the box of donuts, you’ll have a reservoir of ideas.

The Night Before

  • Make Sure Your Diabetes Supplies Are ready—can you put your hand on your diabetes supplies without emptying out the drawer where you saw them last? Early risers with diabetes can’t afford to let this slip. And also organize beforehand any supplies you may need to take with you.
  • Organize Your Meals—put together a breakfast the night before so that you don’t grab the easiest (and usually unhealthiest) thing you can find. And that goes double for any lunches that need packing. The temptations in a world full of sugar can be overwhelming.
  • Plan for the Next Day—Take a moment to think about what the next day is likely to bring. It may seem obvious to the organized, but a moment of thought can work wonders for those of us who lack that skill. Choose your clothes, pack your briefcase, purse, or bag, check your cash, and prepare for the day ahead.


Your morning routine may seem like a minor issue, but for early risers with diabetes, it can have a meaningful effect on stress level. So organize, reduce your stress, and enjoy the relaxing feeling of knowing you’re ready for the day.

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