5 Great Ways to Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Diabetes Menu

great ways to add sweet potatoes to your diabetes menu

If you’re looking for a food to make your diabetic diet plan more interesting, you should think of including sweet potatoes. They are an ideal food for diabetics because they are high in fiber and vitamin A, while boasting a low glycemic index. In this article, we provide you with 5 great ways to add sweet potatoes to your diabetes menu.

#1 – Enjoy a Baked Sweet Potato with Nut Butter and Delicious Fruit

Cut a baked potato in half, heat it and top it with any type of nut butter. To add even more flavor, add berries, grapes or any other type of fruit.

#2 – Enjoy Sweet Potato Toast for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

If you cut a boiled or baked sweet potato in slices, you can toast it and top it with whatever you like. Delicious!

#3 – Enjoy It Baked

Bake a sweet potato just like you would any other. Top with your favorite dip or chop into cubes. Roll the cubes in seeds and nuts and add cinnamon if you wish.

#4 – Use Sweet Potatoes in Your Soup

Sweet potatoes are an ideal soup ingredient because they add a creamy texture and provide lots of nutritional benefits. Mix with other vegetables if you wish. You can either enjoy a chunky vegetable soup or blitz it in a blender for wonderful smoothness.

#5 – Sweet Potato Mash with Cinnamon

Get the health benefits of cinnamon and sweet potato at once by mashing boiled sweet potatoes and adding a little cinnamon. Eat with yogurt for breakfast or as a tasty dessert alternative.

Final Thoughts

These are our 5 great ways to add sweet potatoes to your diabetes menu. Many diabetes websites feature recipes. While we’ve opted for very healthy ways of including sweet potatoes, you can also occasionally enjoy sweet potato fries.

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