Are My Blood Sugar Levels Normal?

are my blood sugar levels normal

Diabetics must pay more attention to their blood sugar levels more than those who don’t have the condition. This makes the question of are my blood sugar levels normal more challenging to answer. Here’s what blood sugar levels mean for different people.

Those without Diabetes

In the United States, doctors measure your blood sugar levels by checking the amount of milligrams of sugar per deciliter of blood (mg/dL)

If you don’t have diabetes, this should fall with the 70-100 mg/dL range. This typically increases to 120 mg/dL after meals, before reverting back to normal levels after approximately two hours.

Those with Diabetes

Diabetics must pay more attention to their blood sugar levels, as they’re at risk of developing hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and several other conditions. Here’s what the various ranges mean.

  • Above 180 mg/dL: Your blood sugar is too high, so your kidneys struggle to cope. Sugar escapes into your urine, and your body may burn fat instead of calories for energy. You’re in a hyperglycemic state so call your doctor immediately.
  • Between 140 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL: You have elevated blood sugar, but your body should still function normally. This level happens one to two hours after a meal; however, it’s rare for a non-diabetic to go over 140 mg/dl after a meal.
  • Between 70 mg/dL and 140 mg/dL: This is the normal range of blood sugar and what you should aim for. Usually, your doctor will set you a target blood sugar level that falls within this range. Your body should function normally at this level. As an added note, many diabetics find they fall into the lower reaches of this range.
  • Below 70 mg/dL: You’re in a hypoglycemic state. Your body can’t get energy from sugar, which leads to shakiness, hunger, and a fast heartbeat. Call your doctor immediately.

When Should I Check My Levels?

Your doctor should inform you of when to check your levels. Typically, you should examine them before and after eating, before you go to bed, and after any periods of fasting.

You can answer the question “are my blood sugar levels normal” if they fall within the recommended ranges above.

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