Is Intranasal Insulin Therapy Safe?

is intranasal insulin therapy safe

If you or a loved one is diabetic, you may have tried different insulin treatments. And, maybe you would like to try intranasal insulin instead. But, is intranasal insulin therapy safe?

Intranasal Insulin Therapy: Brief Overview

Intranasal therapy uses inhalers as the mode to transport medicine and supplements. In this case, insulin is administered. Therapy is integral for people with Type 1 diabetes. And, for some people with diabetes with Type 2 diabetes, too.

In most cases, insulin is injected into the body. Injection pens, pumps, and patches are some of the ways diabetics take insulin. But, an intranasal avenue may be a less invasive way to receive therapy. Especially for those patients who don’t like needles.

Risks for Intranasal Insulin Therapy

Though this new therapy for insulin sounds like a happy solution, there are concerns. It sounds too good to be true. Is intranasal insulin therapy safe?

The latest studies suggest that it is safe for use. Researchers who conducted a thorough literature review study came to that conclusion. They reviewed a total 56 studies (acute and timed application). And, nothing in past studies indicated instances of severe events.

However, many patients may experience mild temporary side effects to the nasal passages. Yet, the researchers found that there were no documented instances of a severe reaction.

Finally, this is not to say that this type of intranasal therapy is completely safe, though. Furthermore, the researchers admit that the collected data was lacking to ensure safety in the long term. But, the results so far look promising.

Final Thoughts

Is intranasal insulin therapy safe for you to use? So far, the evidence point to “yes.” But, wait for more data if you need absolute positive assurance.

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