One Way Diabetics Can Get Insulin Without a Needle

Blood tests, glucose tests, and insulin shots are all a part of type 1 diabetes. Though this is certainly and annoying part of it, many diabetics have sort of resigned to the fact that this is their destiny.

But what about those who have a fear of needles? What do they do?

I guess we have always assumed that they just get over their fears, right? But even if you’re not afraid, needles can still be a pain, literally and figuratively.

Fast-Acting Inhalable Insulin

This is why one company created a type of insulin that does not require needles. Afrezza is a fast-acting insulin that comes in powder form. It is inhalable so that you can just take a little puff and be on your way.

It is best taken with food since it is fast-acting but can be paired with other medication that helps the body break down glucose over the long-term.

This type of medication is suited for people with stronger lungs, as you can imagine. If you are a smoker or have weak lungs, then the powder could potentially irritate your lungs. Or worse, the insulin could not be absorbed properly, leaving you with dangerously high blood glucose.

Though this product sounds new and exciting, it has actually been on the market for several years now. It has proven to be just as effective as injecting insulin under the skin, causing many diabetics to rejoice. Finally, there seems to be a way to reduce the poking and prodding aspect of diabetes.

Interested? Talk to your doctor about the inhalable insulin. See if it is available to you and a good fit for you. You may also check with your insurance company, too. Who knows, maybe your insulin-injecting day are long gone!

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