LPIR Score May Be Better at Predicting Diabetes

This test looks at the potential for insulin resistance even when glucose test results are normal.

Many doctors today use the fasting blood sugar test or the A1C test to determine whether patients have prediabetes. Therefore, making them at risk of developing diabetes. However, once you are prediabetic, you already have metabolic issues and some insulin resistance. It’s harder to prevent the progression to diabetes when you are already prediabetic compared to those who have a normal metabolism.

An Alternative Test for Earlier Results

Relatively new research shows that the lipoprotein insulin resistance (LPIR) test may be a better, earlier indicator of diabetes risk. This test has been shown in multiple studies to indicate whether people have a higher chance of developing diabetes, even if they have an otherwise normal metabolic baseline.

In other words, it could show if you are at risk before you become prediabetic!

What is the LPIR?

This test looks at the sub-particles that transport fats and proteins through your blood to see how they are affected by insulin. If patients are starting to develop insulin resistance it can be indicated by the presence and concentrations of certain lipoproteins, including:

  • very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL)
  • high-density (HDL)
  • low-density (LDL)

Sadly, you’ll still need to have your blood drawn for this test!

The LPIR Test Results

In 2015, data was gathered from 25,925 participants in the Women’s Health Study. It was reviewed and found that women with a LPIR score greater than 67 were twice as likely to develop diabetes compared to those with a LPIR score of less than 30. This is important knowledge, especially for those who may only have one risk factor and a normal glucose test result. It allows patients to start making preventative changes early on, such as being more active and eating better. So, patients may be able to avoid or delay an ultimate diabetes diagnosis.


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